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a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
story, safety tests now being ordered on every suv that is made by toyota. >>> the automaker insisting it wants to put customers at ease after being forced to halt sales of their high-end lexus. consumers reports warned the readers not to buy it after there was potential rollover risks. >> we are tracking the story this morning. you brought us earlier in the week, when we last left, toyota hadn't weighed in. >> toyota has learned a tough p.r. lesson. auto giant moving quickly after the highly respected nonprofit group, consumer reports, warned their readers not to buy the gs-460. a potential stability problem with the $52000 suv. the vehicle's rear end repeatedly slides out in tight turns posing a risk for rollovers when exiting a highway. toyota is ordering tests on all of their suvs to determine potential problems. the company denying published reports in japan that it is recalling the 2010 gx-460. if you do own one and you are nervous about driving it, toyota is offering a free loaner car until the problem is fixed and identified. the big problem is that the company says, quote, the
to the financial disaster. and the story behind toyota getting slapped with a huge $16 million fine. but first the morning top headlines. >> the futures are indicating that we'll have a slightly weaker open. we had a rally yesterday. we had a move higher crosses 4% but right now it suggest as slightly lower open. australia central bank jumping by 25%, a 14-month high. also signalinging future moves in the future. an explosion ripping through a west virginia mine owned by mass see energy. four miners are still missing underground. they have a history of safety violations. three fatalities since 1998 and a worst than average injury rate during the last ten years. they are the largest coal producer in central ap lach cha. luds gud mob are you aglet's ge more reaction. david, good to talk to you. have you been given -- has the analyst community been informed by anything in the last 12 hours or so as a result of the mining accident? what can you tell snus? >> the company put out a press release to confirm the explosion and the deaths and that's pretty much it. i think right now we expect them to te
by toyota. we've got more it, though. >>> it's been more than a month since former new york congressman eric massa resigned from office and left washington. today we are getting new details about just how bad things reportedly got for his staffers in his office. "the washington post" reports that massa's aides repeatedly complained to senior staff, alleging that massa touched them in a sexual manner or made sexual overtures, including expressing desire to have sex with one of the men in the office. this as the house continues to investigate the allegations against the former congressman. nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill. luke, why are we learning such specific and quite honestly to some, disturbing, allegations now? >> reporter: well, tamron, it's quite interesting. what a lot of members said to me who are close to the situation about a month ago, is once you get some real investigative reporting into eric massa, you're going to have a real big problem. all sorts of allegations are going to come out. that is, in fact, what happened today with the amazing report from the "washington post
in the possession of former edwards aide andrew young. >>> the massive toyota recalls could lead to major changes in how your next car is made. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here. whether it's toyota or not? >> we are talking about what could be the most sweeping legislation aimed at making your car safe since the ford firestone tires fiasco about a decade ago. your next car may have brake override systems, black box ps all under this new motor vehicle safety act. they'll have hearings next week in washington. it means automakers could be hit with much bigger fines. we talked a lot about how the fines right now are barely even a slap on the wrist. currently just $16 million they're capped at. the government said, if there hadn't been a cap, it could have fined toyota $18 billion. now, of course, it probably wouldn't, right? that's crippling. they're trying to show you $16 million is nothing for a company like toyota. if the proposed new rules had been in place, toyota could have faced a fine four times higher. >> affecting all of us, whether you're driving toyota or not. >>> colombian si
. >>> also in new york, a 78-year-old man is blaming his toyota for a crash that left him and his wife on top of two unoccupied cars. now, the driver says his accelerator stuck causing his car to slam into two curbs and then land on top of two other vehicles. toyota, however, suggests driver error is to blame. investigators are now trying to determine the cause. >>> and alaska state troopers will present an award to buddy the german shepherd for his heroic actions. dash cam video shows the canine guide police to his owner's property which was engulfed in flame. thanks to his help the owner only suffered minor burns. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. that really is a buddy, huh? >> absolutely incredible. i love it. >> we've had so many stories where these pets are like super pets. >> that was the proof in the pudding. that was fantastic. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about the severe weather. yesterday was a dangerous day in colorado, kansas, and northern texas. that was day one of what's going b
are betting most companies will post gains. we've already heard from toyota at new york's auto show on wednesday, a top toyota executive said incentives pushed sales 40% higher in march. >>> amazon is bracing for the ipad. the online retailer has struck new e-book pricing deals with two major publishers just days before apple's launch of the new tablet computer. that's expected to take business away from amazon's kindle. the agreements will allow both publishers to set their own prices. apple has already made similar deals. >>> the home buyer tax credit which expires at the end of april sparked a huge rush in mortgage applications last week and industry reports says home loan applications rose nearly 7%. that's the largest number of applications since october 2009. >>> and this is census day. the government hopes you'll return the forms sent out over the past month or so, but be sure to be careful, there are scam artists sending out phony forms to try to steal your personal information. the official paperwork will never ask for your social security number, bank account information,
trouble for toyota. details on the safety problem in one new lexus model. that is such a risk that consumer reports says don't buy it. i stand before you today... to apologize. the system has failed you. i have failed you. i have failed to help you share your talent with the world when the world needs talent more than ever. yet, it's being wasted every day... by an educational system steeped in tradition and old ideas. well, it's time for a new tradition. it's time to realize talent isn't just in schools like this one, it's everywhere. it's time to use technology to rewrite the rules of education, to learn how you learn so we can teach you better. it's time the university adapted to you, rather than you adapting to it. it's time--time--time for a different--different kind of univsity. it's your time. soy michelle blackman obama made an unannounced visit to earthquake-ravaged haiti yesterday. she and mrs. biden took a helicopter tour of the area. more than 200,000 people were killed in the earthquake back in january. hundreds of thousand are still homeless and haiti is getting
? here's what we got on the run down. toyota's new luxury model suv taken on a test drive. the testers didn't like where they wound up. now they're telling you actually not to buy this. how big a deal is it? i'm going to talk to a top tester at consumer report and a mechanic. >>> plus, does the booef in your fridge contain pesticides, veterinary drugs, even heavy metals? a federal says it might and is blaming the federal government for failing to keep it out of your food supply. >>> also another shake-up in late night. george lopez is getting shaken. this time he's laughing it off. well, maybe. i'll show you what he had to say. >>> but first, don't buy safety risk. those strong and rare words from consumer reports magazine. very trusted source. feeding a public relations nightmare for toyota. carmaker's new luxury suv, the 2010 lexus gx460 is coming under fire for "consumer reports" which says it may be prone to rollovers in merge handling situations. get into what that means in a bit. testers for the magazine say they does covered the problem during the routine test of the suv. that o
-february. martha: toyota sales, despite all their problems, are booming. they've had recalls, they've had safety issues, they have had fines, and the japanese cars are still selling apparently like hot cakes. phil keating joins us from miami, trying to figure this out. phil, it is remarkable, it seems like everybody day you're hearing about another recall from this company. they just had a really strong month, right? >> reporter: yeah, february actually for toyota was one of its worst months ever but the company really bounced back in march with u.s. sales shooting up 41 percent, compared to march '09. generous incentives for all of the vehicles sold and leased. that's a big explanation, that amounted to about $2300 per vehicle. now, toyota's latest recall involving about 9000 lexus gp460s. toyota says about 5600 of them have been sold and repairs should take an hour. this is the vehicle consumer reports identified last week as maybe sussentable to -- susceptible to flipping over. one dealer explains toyota's perseverance through all this recent bad press with customers continuing to come into t
to about 10%. >>> u.s. safety officials are saying just so you know, they could have fined toyota more than $13 billion. meaning that's how much the fine could have been if there hadn't been a cap on that. the law does cap the fines of 16 million, you may remember that federal officials, the nhtsa, did fine toyota $16 million. a lot less, $16 billion, though, they're saying is what it could have been. now the agency is also saying it's considering a second fine because, according to it, it says there were two separate defects in gas pedals. toyota says it has taken steps to improve communication so it wouldn't be on the hook for that fine, susan. basically what they said was, they found out about it. they're supposed to tell the government five days. they waited two months is what the government says happened. >> all righty. jen, thank you for that. appreciate it. >>> if you've done it lately, you know moving can be a pain, a chore. but it can be even more daunting for older folks. stephanie elam tells us about a company that takes the heavy lifting out of the process in this "small busines
: check it out. if you thought the negative news surrounding toyota would hurt the company, guess again, u.s. auto sales surged 40 percent in the month of march, powered by some of the deepest discounts ever in the wake of millions of recalls, a lot of financing for five years, free. toyota execs saying some of the incentives will continue, including what i mentioned, zero percent financing, and an offer of free maintenance for return toyota customers. the buy-in is good, huh? martha: wasn't expecting that, right? >>> one of the big questions on the peoples' minds, is the economy, is it getting better really? here's what we know, 439,000 new jobless claims this week, that's the number we follow every week, that one dropped by 6000. that's a good thing, it's been dropping in fact for several weeks by small increments. but the question today, how does this set us up for a very big number the white house is going to watch closely, wall street is going to watch closely, the all-important jobs report. meanwhile, overall, 11.1 million people have filed unemployment claims in this country. that i
. toyota is taking a drastic step in the wake of a safety warning, pulling a luxury lexus off the lot. the move comes one day after that warning was issued. cnn's kyung lah has more. >> reporter: more bad news for toyota. the vehicle involved is the brand-new 2010 lexus g sshggx-4. toyota will temporarily suspend sales in the united states. in the united states, this is the magazine that is widely considered the consumer magazine of record. toyota did stop short of a recall, but "consumer reports" issued the very rare don't buy safety risk label on the $52,000 suv, warning consumers that it does have the possibility of rolling over. here's what "consumer reports" told cnn's "american morning." >>> the vehicle loads the front because of momentum dropping and the rear end will naturally slide. in this case, the electronic stability control didn't intervene quickly enough, whereas on the toyota 4runner, a similar platform, it did. >> reporter: in a statement announcing the suspension -- >> reporter: toyota did say that the suspension of sales will be limited to the united states, about 5
. "consumer reports" issued a safety warning on toyota's 2010 lexus gs 460 suv because of an increased roll-over risk during a turn. the magazine says it uncovered the problem during routine tests and is urging car shoppers not to buy the gx 460 until this problem has been remedied. toyota owns lexus. it's the first time the magazine has issued a don't-buy recommendation on a toyota product. toyota says it will try to duplicate the "consumer reports" test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken and that consumer safety and satisfaction remain their highest priority. so that's the lexus suv. the gx 460. >> more problems for toyota. >> bleeding over into lexus, which is the one place that the damage has been contained had never been smearing on lexus until now. it's terrible. >> andrew, by the way, you wrote an article today in "the times" talking about how the banks have actually paid back their money. correct? >> you know, it's absolutely right. i wanted to take a look at the idea that maybe these bailouts, in their own way, have worked, from a mathematical perspective. we're now
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way. you won't believe what he's saying about the president's plan to scrap the program. >>> toyota scraps an suv because of safety concerns. what do you do if you have one? . uhhh! [ laughs ] it's, uh, haunting. anyway, while i was away, the e-trade machine... thanks, martha. ...worked its technomagic, triggered my stop loss orders, saved me a pantload! [ pilot ] please fasten your seatbelts. dad? no, mike, that's the pilot. he's making an announcement! dad? ugh. [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology at e-trade. >>> 34 minutes after the hour. we're taking a look at our top stories. live pictures from downtown boston, the tea party express returning to its symbolic roots. sarah palin will head the group's tax rally tomorrow. massachusetts junior senator scott brown who was elected in thanks to tea party support will not be there. his staff says he's too busy in washington. >>> god directed me to her, that's what the man is saying about nadia bloom's miraculous rescue. she had been wandering in an alligator infested swamp four days. >>> a devastating earthqua
like it." "sweet are the uses of adversity, which like the toyota, ugly and venomous, wears a precious jewel in his head -- the toad." he is describing the world view he has it been forced to adopt. that is the adversity for which he is found sweet uses, benefits. there is something to be said for the sheer obvious gravity of the challenges we face as a nation. they may even be a providential gift, albeit one in toadline ke disguised. this is an idea that may sound strange. it reminds me of the largely forgotten historian arnold toynbee, a figure of the last century whom no one reads anymore. he argued the dynamic of challenge and response was the chief source of the civilizations greatness. he believed great civilizations of die from suicide rather than murder, which is to say, they die when they lack the will to respond confidently and creatively to the challenges that otherwise would make them stronger. challenge in response is the way of life and the way of national renewal. the challenge is so great now, as we look at our massive and unsustainable debts, our faltering economy, our
of adjustments here. >> all right, vera, thank you. >>> more trouble for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sienna minivan. the recall affects sienna models between 1998 and 2010 driven in cold weather regions. it's duplicating handling problems with the lexus gx 460. consumer reports issued a rare don't buy warning because of rollover concerns. toyota says it is evaluating remedies. >>> well, some powerful spring storms make for a messy start this weekend. in pittsburgh, thunderstorms downed several trees causing widespread power outages affecting as many as 70,000 residents. that spread debris throughout neighborhoods and it's looking more like winter in parts of the northeast. the town of hanover, new hampshire, received a couple inches of snow on friday. just two weeks agothetemperatures in hanover were in the 80s. >>> and a strong storm knocked out power to more than 10,000 people in the ohio valley on friday. thunderstorms and high winds downed trees and power lines and caused damage to several homes. in jefferson county the wind was so high that it bent a flag po
, new york city mayor michael bloomberg on the set of "morning joe." >>> and toyota accepts responsibility for the accelerator problems. plus, sports. we are going to be right back on "morning joe." [ whistling ] [ dog barking ] [ sniffing ] [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of bifocals for $149.99 at sears optical, with progressive lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. >>> all right. a live shot from the top of the rock. looks like a nice day in new york. >> he is doing the same -- i've always been a frank ridge fan. no secret to my conservative brethren, but over the last year or two, there are times when he's extraordinarily insightful and there are times when he reads like a left-wing blogger. going back to see what the richmond post dispatch said in 1863 or whatever he did, it was -- it was just sort of m
.s. made cars superior to asian models. the shift ohing in part to -- owing in part to troubles with toyota. brian wilson live in washington on this one. how are opinions changing? >> reporter: americans now believe by a modest margin that american car companies make better quality cars than do the asian companies. % of those polls said american car companied made the best cars. you have to compare that with numbers from a similar poll in 2006. it's a shocking change. back then 29% of those believed american car companies made the best cars and 46% believed asian car companies made the better cars. that's quite a turn around *. we have a non-scientific pole on if you want to weigh in on what you think. megyn: who are the big wirns and losers. >> reporter: not surprisingly toyota is the big loser. 8 million cars recalled. that's caused toyota to take a 10-point hit. ford's reputation has surged the most. 18% said ford was the maker of the best car. ben roethlisberger may not be facing charges for the alleged sexual assault of two women but he may be paying a price. captioning mad
? [ male announcer ] meet the family and the new sienna on youtube. toyota. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning everyone. welcome back at 7:22 on this friday morning, april 16. i am alison starling with your local news update. we begin with traffic. 66 was a message earlier, how does it look now? >>> it looks better coming out of gainesville and it to manassas where we started this morning with a complicated car wreck. in virginia, the debacle is on 395 now. this is northbound near glebe road with an accident that has been moved into the far right lane. only one line -- only one lane was getting for but delays are out of newington to get past the pentagon. it is much better in maryland where we go live. no problems reported on 270 and no delays on a sunny day on come >>> temperatures are in the 50's. the forecast for today calls for increasing clouds of this afternoon and huge showers later this night. it will be cooler and receive for the weekend, highs near 60. >> we will be right back. [ male announcer ] what drives us to engineer the world'
. the nasdaq gave back 12 3/4. >>> a top toyota executive says u.s. sales have surged 40% this month. thanks to heavy discounts in the wake of massive recalls. toyota has been offering 0% financing, low priced leasing, and free maintenance. the auto maker has recalled 8 million vehicles because of acceleration and breaking problems. >>> well, he spent 30 years serving his country. now there are questions about whether a state department employee was serving comone else, too -- serving someone else, too. new york responds to the russian subway bombings. mike mullen said establishing control of kandahar is the key to stopping taliban growing influence. the pakistani army says its soldiers repulsed in attack on check poi point close to afghan border. six soldiers and 25 militants were killed. swiss authorities say they cannot reopen money laundering case against pakistan's president because he has immunity. they revoked blanket amnesty covering thousands of other people from corruption charges. there was another twin suicide bombing in russia today. 12 people were killed in dogastan province an
. acceptpay. invoice digitally. get paid faster. only from american express open. if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> these are the stories that we are following at this hour. >> boston, if anyone knows how to throw a tea party, it is you. >> partying like it's 1773. sarah palin leading a new boston tea party. the kickoff to a series of tax day protests nationwide. >>> president obama trying to keep democrats united would pass a bill to keep wall street in line as republicans claim it just leads to a huge government slush fund. and the toughest antiimmigration law ever. one state passing a bill that advocates for illegal immigrants have said so far goes too far. >>> plus a looming shortage of doctors. could your primary care physician be an endangered species? good day. i'm peter alexander in new york. this breaking news is coming to us from south boston, massachusetts. these are the latest live pi
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years, toyota has been proud to be a model of quality car making. but recently, the safety of our cars and trucks has come under question. and at toyota, this is something we don't take lightly. that's why we're making fundamental changes inside our company, to communicate with customers better, and respond to their needs faster. in addition, we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. the result? our comprehensive star safety system is now standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ don't get us wrong, we know actions speak louder than commercials. but just know, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any, and all of our decisions. ♪ impact fishing markets in japan, marine legislation in the u.s., and food consumption in italy? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expe
toyota in the showroom. >>> and at the bottom of the hour, rand paul, son of republican congressman ron paul, he's running for u.s. senate in kentucky. he's also a doctor. he'll tell us why he rejects obama care. first, todd santos with a check of the weather. >> hello there, mika. good morning, guys. looks like a much better morning across the east coast, especially the northeast where the last few days we've been talking about the flooding, which is still ongoing. many rivers still, again, well out of their banks, especially the patuxet river in rhode island. at least this morning looking at cool temperatures giving way to clear skies in and around the new york city area. a few thin clouds heading for sunshine this afternoon. a pretty nice picture. d.c. making a run at the 8 80-degree mark. this afternoon, beautiful all the way down to central and southern florida. we'll be back with more. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by star bucks. ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac laurel sales event. featuring the all-new srx. ♪ with available glide-up navigation. and ultraview sunroof.
in the east, here's a quick look at stories we're watching for, you the imprompt has ordered sales of toyota core olas be suspended in parts of brazil because of the risk of sudden acceleration, the government says suspension will remain in effect until toyota changes the floor mat on all core olas believed by some to be responsible for the problem. >>> dozens of people hurt when a carnival cruise ship takes a very sharp turn, the operator of the shirp, ecstasy, swerved to avoid a buoy adrift near the yucatan peninsula. two domestic carriers considering a possible merger, now, however, both airlines say that's off the table. >>> they were public enemies number one and two in the economic meltdown but when president obama called for strict new regulations on the financial sector today, fannie mae and freddie mac were all but absent from the discussion. so are they really getting a free pass, as we decide to crack down on all the fat cats? jim angle is live in washington. hey jim. >> reporter: hey. with lookso toe looks like they will, they are left out all together and plenty of critics are n
to come on this. thank you, kerry sanders, for the needle in all of it. >>> in the meantime, toyota is putting a popular lexus suv back on the road. the company pulled the 2010 gx420 after concerns of a safety risk. >>> lindsey lohan's shocking picture on her twitter page. courtney is here. what is going on here? >> she posted a pretty disturbing photo of herself, a gun on her twitter account. it explains that this shot is from a photo shoot of hers that she -- this wasn't something that she took that second and put out there. i'm not sure why that makes it right, however. can we remind ourselves that this used to be disney's poster child. what is going on and why isn't somebody helping her? if she's interested in having a career, you need to stop behaving like this. this is not how you become an actress in any capacity. you are not going to get work that is serious when you're doing things like this. we've seen actresses that have had a downward spiral. what is making this one unique is that this is being played out in public. this isn't where we're going to say, she was such a goo
at this time -- committee this disaster toyota with lots of different recalls we asked do you need more authority? he said no, i have all the authority i need. are you going to be able to fix this? yes, i am, i will i have enough funding. i had a cabinet officer who was willing to say nhtsa deposited the ball they not been overseeing the auto caps -- -- auto companies properly. he came and said >> greta: he didn't want a whole another agency. >> if you go to the website their mission is to protect the consumer. so for the life of me until we can take a look at our government and certify we don't already have the apparent ability to fix the problem that led to the meltdown why do we create another agency? >> three good examples of why you are right. first bernie madoff. second al stan -- al sanford. third, the question of rating agencies and how they were calling people aaa that weren't. all three the sec dropped the ball on. last one related to financial collapse. >> greta: it is not that they don't have the authority it is they didn't do their jobs. in some ways this geld man saks i th
at today's top stories. >>> toyota announces it will now test the safety of all sport utility models. the effort is to reassure buyers after consumer reports placed a don't buy label on the 2010 lexus gs460 due to possible rollover problems. toyota says it has not decided whether to recall the gx460, which is stopped selling in the u.s. following the consumer reports warning. >>> an erupting volcano in iceland is affecting flights from u.s. to europe this morning. flights have been halted across northern europe. it's the volcano's second eruption in two months but officials say this one is 20 times more powerful than the last one. hundreds of nearby residents have been evacuated. >>> breaking overnight -- the russian foreign ministry is suspending all adoptions of russian children by americans. the freeze will be in effect until the two countries reach an agreement on adoption procedures. it comes after a tennessee woman sent back her 7-year-old adopted son to moscow by himself with a note claiming she no longer wanted to raise him. the case has ignited strong outrage in russia and h
of repairing. the consumer report gave the lexus a don't buy warning. toyota stopped selling it. officially it meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. so we need a third party to serve as the watchdog of our supposed watchdogs? we just turn the government enforcement over to consumer reports? >> maybe we should. while the lobbyists are running washington, maybe that's what we should do. after -- even in the financial industry. remember, there were regulators. and within lehman brothers, there were regulators overseeing fannie and freddie. there are regulators there. but if they don't do their job. if they don't actually use everything in their power, at that many loopholes, we are not protected. >> arianna huffington of "the huffington post." you'll be staying on this. thanks for doing so. thanks for being here. >>> there's nothing wrong with making $12 million, but don't claim you walked out on elected office to serve the people when you were really just serving your real god. these mine owners kept the union out. >>> and on rachel, timothy mcveigh explaining why he c
and the new sienna on youtube. toyota. >>> we have the latest in traffic this morning. a lot of headaches we've been dealing with. the pennington avenue draw bridge. this incident has been going on all morning. a tanker truck earlier in the day is still a situation that we've got. a tennington avenue draw bridge closed between ordinance and chemical road. also, a crash in stevensonville, both directions of route 8. that's roman coke road south of 301. 95 southbound before key highway and 95 south bound at the fort mchenry tunnel. 695 and harford road is jammed up all the way to the 83 so you want to be on the lookout for that. your drive times will look like this, this morning. we've got some serious delays to deal with. 695 the outer loop not looking too bad, though. 83 southbound shawon road and 83 southbound to 695 to northern parkway five minutes. justin has better news. >> with the benefit of clouds that rolled in overnight, at 7:25, looking at clouds cutting down on the isen glare. it's starting to ease up. this is a very mild 60 degrees. light jacket if anything this morning. 55 offic
for "minding your business." toyota is temporarily such as pending sales of its lexus gs-460, the automaker promising to get to the bottom of a safety po tenial problem. there is an increased rollover risk making turns. toyota is asking lexus dealers to stop selling the vehicle until the problem is identified and corrected. >> we heard that story yesterday, and toyota did not have a response yesterday but they're weighing in on it. facebook, meanwhile, launching its redesign safety center. you know, facebook has been the subject of a lot of attention when it comes to how to police this, how to keep sex offenders off of these sites. they have new tools for parents, teens, teachers and police to deal with threats. the changes come the day after facebook officials met with child advocacy groups who have been pushing for something like a panic button that users can use or push it to report problems. >>> and speaking of the internets -- you hate to do it. >> internets. >> i like to this, throw that out. it's a pain in the neck to remember mixed case, upper, lower, a number or symbol. changing pa
day. make sure you get your taxes filed or get an extension or something. toyota is going to conduct a safety test on all of its suvs. this comes an consumer reports a handling problem in a new version of a lexus puts drivers at risk for a rollover, which is the worst for suvs. it has nothing to do with accelerators. >> this is a concern about suvs in general, that they're top heavy, that something could happen. but out of 95 suvs that consumer reports tested, that came in 95. >> if you were a conspiracy theorist, who would think? >> i've heard that. >> the u.s. government owns gm now and suddenly toyota is the biggest piece of crap that has ever been on the road suddenly. >> you can say that, but you can say it came as toyota became the largest carmaker and car seller in the nation. >> i know you can, like, make skooug excuses and everything else. but the reality is that we have a big, vested interest in gm succeeding now and we're finding all kinds of stuff -- >> well, consumer reports doesn't own anything in gm. >> no. >> they're not -- >> i'll find a link somewhere, raj rajaratna
may be able to help. . >> brian: get more trouble for toyota, the largest auto maker is recalling unreported number of vehicles sold in brazil over the past two years. brazilian consumer protection officials complain that the flormats pose a safety threat blocking accelerator pedals. toyota says it's going along with brazil's decision and denies they've done anything wrong. more than 8.5 million toyota vehicles recalled worldwide because of safety problems. >>> new fundraising reports show democrats outraise republicans in march. the three democratic campaign committees, d.n.c., d.s.c.c., and the dccc raised $29 million in the month. major republican committees raised $24 million in this key mid-term election year. >>> one thing is for sure, democrats and republicans both are still putting the party in political party. correspondent james rosen hit the town to show us where a lot of the big donor contributions are going! >> reporter: plush hotel, corporate jet, elaborate floral arrangeles, not the things you associate with winning elections but the forms show the democratic and re
-- mentioned this yet, toyota pulling the plug on the gx460 after consumer reports issued a rare do not buy rating, that concern about a rollover problem, dealers are asked to temporarily suspend sales of suv just hours after the report went public, this follows the recent recall of more than eighthole cars and trucks around the world for toyota. martha: well, uncle sam wants his cut, you know, and he wants it tomorrow, folks. today and all this week, we're keeping an eye on your money for you because you know, the government doesn't actually have any of its own money. all the money that the government spends is yours, and they decide how to disburst out as they see fit, right? today we're looking at government earmarks, they will cost taxpayers will $17 billion this year in those earmarks. these and we're ones that are listed in the new edition of the congressional book. william la jeunesse is here to tell us what some of the earmarks you bought with our hard-earned money and how much they're costing you as part of your it's all your money series. >> reporter: martha, let's say this is the
lexus suv, you'll have one less model to choose from. toyota has suspended sales of the 2010 lexus gx-460. the carmaker made the move after consumer reports warned shoppers not to buy the vehicle due to a potential rollover problem. about 6,000 new gx-460s have been sold since they hit show room floors in december. government officials are testing the suv to see if their results happen to reflect the magazine's findings. >>> the anti-tax group calling itself the tea party express is turning up the volume as the income tax filing deadline approaches. several thousand people attended a rally at the boston common. they claim credit for helping to elect scott brown to congress. the former alaskan governor sarah palin was the headliner. >> it's not about titles or power struggles within. it's not about dividing america. and it is not about one individual politician. this is about the people. this is the people's movement. so the people in boston and all across the u.s., we're sending a message to washington that come november that big government, big debt, obama/pelosi/reid spending spree,
%. the poll reflects more confidence in particular for ford and less for toyota. >>> another study shows that more than half of americans were not able to save any money during the past year but a large chunk of americans were able to put money away despite the recession. this is from the american institute of certified public accountants that reports 46% of us were able to squeeze out some savings just by cutting back on how we dined out, travelled, shopped. other reductions include medical expenses and high education. the study reports 54% of americans found it tough to sock way a few bucks every month. they say it is mostly because bills are piling up, especially credit cards and emergencies. >> i try to do a monthly contribution to the saving account. it does not always work. >> i'm not making any, not saving any more. something always comes up to take it away. >> about two-thirds of the people that took part in the survey saw their incomes drop in the past year. >>> speaking of bills, new benjamins will be released in just a few months. today the treasury department unveiled the new
they heard we successfully mounted a warhead on a toyota prias. >> senator mccain said something i found striking. i never considered myself a maverick. >> that would be like rudy giuliani saying i never mentioned 9/11. what are you talking about? >> it's not like i can't believe it's not butter saying i never believed i was butter. i never believed that. it's on the container. >> when i heard duke beat butler. i thought must be a scandal at buckingham palace. >> did you hear duke beat butler? >> i'm sure he deserved it. >> just look at this new nike commercial. >> i want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything. >> yes. he learned that porn stars are not trustworthy confidants. >> we'll be right back. e'll be right back. and in our factories. to find cleaner, more efficient ways to power flight. and harness our technology... for newnergsolutions. around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, to build a better tomorrow. that's why we're here. ♪ tdd# 1-800-345-2550 to help with my investments. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 so where's that help when i need it?
. at the top of the hour. jane: 41 minutes past the hour, "happening now" in your top box, toyota is resuming sales of its suv, the gx 460. the car company had suspended sales because of the rollover concerns. it says a software fix for the problem is available at your dealership. >>> in the middle the government is recalling thousands of simplicity and ghraib codrop did graco dropside cribs. the defect is linked to at least one debt. >>> on the bottom, rivals to thailand anti-government protesters are calling for military action with the red shirt activists blamed for plunging bangkok into chaos last several weeks. the red shirts as they're known are fighting for new elections. jon: new, never-before-seen footage of volcano in iceland. you remember it shut down your spleen airspace for days. grounded 10 of thousands of airplanes around the world. guess what? a "national geographic" team was first video crew on the scene of that violent volcano. they captured every dramatic moment before, during and after the eruption. joining us is the director of that team. you had people on the ground even
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. >>> automakers report march sales figures today. analysts predict big increases over last year, including toyota, due to deep discounts. >>> finally a huge piece of public art will soon go up at london's olympic park. it will be taller than new york's statue of liberty. >> the 400-foot tubular sculpture will be unusual and it's difficult to describe. more from the bbc's david sillito. >> reporter: there may be more than two years to go but the olympic stadium is certainly taking shape. but it was felt that something's missing here. it needs an artwork. they thought maybe a tower. they're going to get one. it's a tower with a twist. orbit. a dipping, swirling, spiral of steel. a landmark piece of art that you'll be able to climb and use as a vantage point to view the olympic park. it is a sort of tower. but in his studio the artist annish kapur explained to me, he didn't want another eiffel tower. >> traditionally a tower is pyramidal in structure. we've done quite the opposite. we have a -- a flowing, coiling form that changes as you walk around it. >> reporter: and it's going to be an imposing
on youtube. toyota. for all active families. our advanced 2-in-1 power cleans tough stains like grass better than the leading oxi detergent and helps get your family's wash incredibly white and bright. try new all oxi-active. it's all good. with a brief look at the action on royal caribbean's new oasis of the seas. carolina diago found her thrill 9 decks above the boardwalk. meanwhile, 3-year-old axel rode his first carousel at sea. taylor from florida went surfing somewhere in the middle of the ocean. and finally, the turners and kratzes enjoyed dinner in central park. that's the news. i'm stilt walker christy piper, on royal caribbean's oaoasis of the seas. why aren't you? >>> whitney houston kicked off the british leg of her comeback tour this week, but some critics and fans were less than impressed with her performance. nbc's peter alexander has details. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. just wait until you see this. this was whitney nuts's first performance in front of a british audience in more than a decade. unfortunately for her, someone in the audience had a
information, please visit ( singing along ) ( singing high note ) that should do it. enjoy your new shower. ( door opens, closes ) [ bride ] the wedding was just days away. suddenly i noticed my smile wasn't white enough. now what? [ female announcer ] introducing crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips. it's prossional-level itening for a whiter smile. start seeing results in 3 days. [ bride ] this day will stand out forever. and i've got a smile that stands out, too. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips. also try crest 3d white toothpaste and rinse for a 3d white smile. >> we have a fox news alert for you right now. a huge fire has broken out in passaic county, new jersey. this looks like an apartment building. these pictures are from channel 5 here in new york, the chopper. lots of smoke and flames pouring out of building. the area also dealing with big flooding that has been a problem in the area for the last three days. according to some reports, no deaths at this time. more information coming in. as you see, the firemen on the s
when subprime mortgages were being handed out like candy and that led to big trouble. meanwhile, toyota setting up a swat team? the company calling it a smart team. technicians set to investigate any complaint about sticking accelerators within 24 hours. customers reacting well to the idea but critics say the team is designed to discredit complaints. so there. gretchen? >> thank you, steve. the senior class president of a high school in florida fighting back today after he was forced to change the closing words of his welcome address to other students from god bless to good luck. why are school officials trying to silence one of the star students? let's ask him. chaz riley is filing the lawsuit against milton high school and joins us from pensacola along with his lawyer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing just fine. you wrote this welcome letter and you were asked specifically to do so by the school. how did you sign it off? >> at the end, i ended it with a good luck and god bless and signed my name and they told me afterwards, after i had turned
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